Tax Services

We offer complete tax services for both individuals and small businesses including filing tax returns, W-2s and 1099s, quarterly federal and state tax returns, and SCDOR business personal property tax returns.

We help our clients to pay as little federal and state taxes as possible. We will look for every legal way possible to reduce your federal and state taxes.

We don’t just prepare your returns, we also provide the following other services:

  1. We perform tax planning to reduce your federal and state tax liabilities. We analyze your personal and business tax situation and advise you of any tax saving opportunities available to you.
  2. We are available all year long to help you if your situation changes or just to offer advice on a continuing basis.

Tax Representation:

We can get between you and the IRS negotiating the best deal possible.

  1. Settlement of IRS tax debt
  2. IRS and state tax Audits
  3. IRS and state tax notices
  4. Filing of back tax returns

International Tax Preparation:

Whether you are a US citizen (or resident) with foreign accounts or investments, a US citizen working abroad, or a citizen of a foreign country working in the US, we can help.

Estates and Trusts, and Not for Profit organizations.

We also offer tax preparation for estates, trusts, and Not-for-Profit organizations.